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Allergies & Asthma

Asthma and allergies have been part of our 14 year old’s life from the time he was a year old.  Throughout his younger years breathing treatments, steroids, medication, and trips to the ER were normal life.  The littlest cold would turn into a respiratory nightmare every time.  Environmental allergies would mercilessly wreak havoc on his little body.  We experienced many moments too terrifying for words. 

Throughout the years the daily use of inhalers and Singulair, as well as Zyrtec, and Benadryl have kept him breathing freely.  We have seen many doctors and specialists regarding Hudson’s condition.  They consistently told us that we could expect him to always have asthma and be dependent on medications for life.

We prayerfully continued to look for additional help and answers.

In the fall of 2014 Hudson got lax about taking his medication and as a result he had another serious asthma attack. At that time someone told us about Dr. Murray and we brought Hudson in to see him in December 2014.  We were so encouraged by the hope Dr. Murray gave us regarding the future of Hudson’s health.  He immediately began getting adjustments and enjoyed a healthy winter.  In March, when it was time to refill Hudson’s Singulair we decided to experiment and see how he would do without it.  This was a huge step because he has been on Singulair for 12 years and anytime we’ve tried taking him off of it in the past, his asthma would flair up and cause him major problems.

We are thrilled to say that Hudson has been off of Singulair and Flovent for 30 entire months now and HE IS DOING GREAT.  He's even sailed through allergy seasons and a couple of cold viruses with ease!!  And as if that weren't enough, last summer he fulfilled a lifelong dream and became scuba certified - something we were told was not possible with his asthma.  We are so beyond excited and thankful. 


Karri P.

I wish I would have found Dr. Murray years earlier. For most of my life, I suffered from allergies and asthma. As a child, I couldn’t even run around the soccer field without gasping for air. When I began visiting Dr. Murray I was taking four prescriptions for my allergies and asthma, my energy levels were low and I caught every sickness that went through the community. Although I enjoyed exercising, the effort always left me exhausted and my fitness levels never increased.


Although Dr. Murray educated me about the toll the medications were taking on my liver and kidneys, I was afraid to quit taking them. After all, they had were the difference between being up walking around and lying flat in bed. But, after several months of nutritional counseling and regular adjustments I felt well enough to try life prescription free. I didn’t expect it to be successful.  I was sure that within a few weeks, I’d be back on the meds.


To my surprise, off the medications my energy levels soared and my fitness levels began to increase. Now, I run 6 miles three times a week and I love it! I never, in my wildest dreams thought I’d be considered a “runner.” And for more icing on the cake, when the community is “down” sick, I’m still out running on the trail, because I’m well!


What I didn’t anticipate was the wonderful impact that my increased wellness and fitness levels would have on my mood, my relationships and my mental clarity. I don’t want to think about the condition I would be in if I hadn’t started treatment with Dr. Murray, and I appreciate him every day.

MaryEtta B.

Allegies & Asthma

Back & Neck Pain

When I hit my fortieth birthday, I felt miserable and despondent.  Although I continued to exercise regularly (running 2-3 miles several times per week), I felt terrible physically and emotionally.  In addition, I was 20 pounds overweight and generally lethargic.  The aches and pains I was experiencing was suggested by many to be part of the aging process.  Nonetheless, sitting, standing, and sleeping gave my lower back extreme pain.  I was convinced that I was on a short road to a heart attack.


At the continued recommendation of a friend, I succumbed to a visit with Dr. Murray Galbraith.  Even though I believed the whole chiropractic thing to be “hype” I figured there was nothing to lose.


Imagine my amazement when after only 2 or 3 visits ALL THE PAIN WAS GONE!  In fact, I felt a whole lot better after the first adjustment with Dr. Galbraith.  Repeated visits had me feeling so great that I decided to take a really serious look at my whole perspective on health.


Synthesized with Dr. Murray’s suggestions on conscientious diet and exercise, regular chiropractic visits with him are something I actually look forward to.


Not only do I feel incomparably better, but I’ve also found myself a great deal more productive in my highly stressful job as well in my other activities – having more positive energy and a lot more fun in the process.


I have lost 20 pounds and no longer have aches and pains in those “unrelated” organs and muscles either, and all of my senses are acute.  I feel so terrific now that it’s hard to believe the pain I put up with (and didn’t have to) for so many years. 


Sometimes I can’t believe how this has really changed my life.

Will E.

Back & Neck Pain

Chronic Pain

I would like to thank Galbraith Chiropractic care for significantly improving my life.


Prior to chiropractic therapy I was in constant pain.  The pain was so severe that it significantly impacted my way of life.  I had been an active person that enjoyed all outdoor activities.  Those activities became more and more limited due to the pain I had to endure.  As my activity was reduced my outlook on life became more negative.  I began to look for solutions. 


I changed my diet and began a rigorous exercise program.  I lost nearly 20 pounds and gained the muscles I thought necessary for pain relief.  I was in good shape…but this was not enough.  The pain continued.


I tried various home remedies such as the “back to life,” various pillow, stretching, yoga, and massages.  Nothing helped.


A neighbor mentioned what Galbraith Chiropractic care had done for her and I was curious.  I was extremely negative and skeptical of chiropractic care.  The Blair technique that Dr. Murray uses seemed like witchcraft to me, however, I was desperate and decided to give it a try.


That decision has positively changed my world.     


In life you have choices each with its own risk and reward.  The decision to go forward with Galbraith Chiropractic therapy was one of my top choices in my life with a reward that I could never have imagined.  I have gained my old life back and am able to enjoy a pain free life.  I now enjoy all of the activities that once did all without pain.  I wake up in the morning after an entire day of strenuous exercise and feel great.


I am truly grateful for what Dr. Murray has done for me!

Eric R.

I am a patient of Dr. Galbraith.  I have had a severely eroded stomach and bleeding ulcers for the past 3 years.  I have taken Nexium every day to stop the stomach acid which kept me in extreme pain.  I started seeing Dr. Galbraith in May.  I’ve been getting checked and adjusted since then.  Along with the adjustments I began taking supplements Dr. Murray recommended to me in June.  After 3 weeks of getting checked and taking supplements I decided to try and stop taking the Nexium because I was feeling so much better.  It worked.  I have not taken that purple pill ever since.  I have felt bad for so many years. 


Now I feel good and am most grateful!!

Patricia I.

I was having some severe health problems before I came to Dr. Murray’s.  I had my thyroid removed years ago due to a malignancy.


A short while ago my conditions/symptoms were as follows:


-Mitral valve prolapse – causing Angina, palpitations, anxiety, and hypertension

-Esophagitis – interfering with swallowing

-Hiatal Hernia – much discomfort in chest and major indigestion

-Diverticulitis – causing colon problems affecting elimination

I was also experiencing a marked loss of balance.


As you can see, I was a mess!  I was in a lot of pain and discomfort most of the time.


The medical doctors I had were prescribing so many medications, all of which were causing more negative side effects.  They had me on: Inderal, Nitro-glycerin, Hytrin, Vasotec, Antivert, Quinine, Colace, and Restoril.


I got no permanent relief.  Increased doses of medications only brought on side effects, blood pressure soared even higher, elimination problems worsened.


Chiropractic care has made a definite improvement in my health!


After a few weeks, my Angina lessened, my leg cramps were gone, and my blood pressure stabilized.  The difficulty I had swallowing is GONE and bowel regularity is 100%.  My digestion has improved and my hands and feet are warm and no longer feel numb.


I am no longer on Inderal or need Nitro-glycerin.  For that matter, the ONLY medication I take is the thyroid replacement.  I don’t even take any over-the-counter medication.


I never expected this much improvement in my all-over health from chiropractic!  What a wonderful way to live…DRUG FREE!


Thank you, Dr. Murray, for ALL your care!

Martha K.



Headaches were a normal part of my life growing-up.  During my elementary and middle school years I would have a bad headache at least once a week.  We did everything to try to find the cause of the problem – got my eyes checked. Tried different medications, experimented with my diet – but nothing brought relief.  Throughout high school and college the headaches became more and more frequent causing me to miss not only days of school but also social time with friends.  Living with pain became a normal part of my life.


In July of 2013, I woke up to a headache that was nothing like I had ever experienced before.  The pain and pressure were excruciating.  A trip to the ER revealed that I was encountering my first migraine.  Little did I know that this migraine would last for over 70 days.  I was in a constant state of severe pain.  I missed work.  I couldn’t sleep.  An MRI was done and revealed nothing.  I tried at least 10 different medications which gave no relief and actually compounded my problem by adding dizziness and lethargy to my list of symptoms.


I was miserable.  I was frustrated.  I was desperate for answers…and hope.


After hearing Dr. Murray speak at a Wellness Champions Talk at her work, my Mom made me an appointment to go see him.  Dr. Murray assessed the x-rays he took of my spine and gave me hope that he could help me.  I immediately began treatments 3 days a week.  After just 2 ½ weeks of adjustments I woke up one morning COMPLETELY HEADACHE FREE!!  It was incredible!  Next month (April 2015) marks one year since my headaches disappeared.  I have continued with my adjustments and have been amazed at how many other area of my health have improved over the last 12 month as well.


I now tell everyone about Dr. Murray.  He gave me my life back and I’m so grateful.

Kaylyn S.

Before coming to Dr. Murray I had had strokes, 3 angioplasties, back surgery, two neck surgeries, shoulder surgery, and a double by-pass.  I also had reoccurring daily headaches for which I took 12 Tylenol a day to function.  Truly, if I had continued living like this I would have ended up with a destroyed liver or kidneys or who knows what.


Before Dr. Murray I had never let a chiropractor touch my neck, but because of the Blair method and another friend who got rid of his headaches, I decided to give it a try.  After 2 visits my headaches disappeared!  This was after about 30 years of headaches.  I thought everyone had headaches.


I also had weakness in my left arm due to the strokes.  Murray was able to take care of that too.  Unfortunately, after a while I began again having severe pain down my arm.  This had happened previously and had led to neck surgery which removed spurs from my neck that were cutting my nerves.  I was very afraid of having a recurrence so I had an MRI.  No spurs showed up.  Still, I was in pain and had lost strength.  I went to a neurologist who stuck pins in me and said I had lost 50% of my strength.  His recommendation was to move my nerves to the outside of my elbow.  HELP! 


Dr. Murray took over.  I had my strength restored in two visits and have had no further trouble.


I had a lump on my left side.  It was a clogged sebaceous gland.  Murray again solved the problem.  In about 2 weeks of taking one of the supplements he recommended it completely disappeared.


Follow Dr. Murray’s advice.  I can never thank Dr. Murray enough for giving my life back to me!

Kenneth N.

Dear Dr. Murray,


How do you thank someone for helping your father go from needing a wheelchair to not only walking but being able to downhill ski at age 75?!!


Thanks to you our son Jimmy no longer has headaches of any kind.  He used to have them one or two times a month to the point that I had to feed him 3 to 5 pain killers and put ice on his head.  He also has had only one nose bleed this year.


Under your care our daughter is doing great and has not had ANY of her typical sickness and when she does get a cold she springs back in one or two days where it used to take weeks.


My own health has improved dramatically.  As you know, following my fall and neck injury the medical doctors were talking about cutting open my throat, going into my upper spine, and fusing my C-2, C-3, and C-4.  Your care during the past 15 months has allowed me to stop taking all medications and live not only a PAIN FREE life but also, I CAN DO ANYTHING I WANT.  I have almost as good of neck mobility as I had before the injury and I owe it all to the remarkable Blair technique that you practice.


I know you and your reputation will grow and prosper.

Steven L.

At the age of 13 I was diagnosed with a condition call Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension, otherwise known as pseudo-cerebri tumor.  This condition causes extremely painful headaches from spinal fluid build-up that would put pressure on my brain and cause it to swell.  There were some days that I couldn’t even see straight.


Again, at age 13, I was on over 20 different medications from morphine, to anti-depressants, to steroids.  I had gone 3 months without seeing any of my friends; barely in contact with the world outside my bedroom door.  Doctors were discussing brain surgery.  From what I am told they were going to drain the extra spinal fluid from tubes going into my head.  Imagine sitting there, not having any clue what was going on inside your own head!


I had been rushed to the emergency room numerous times in those 3 months and received loaded doses of morphine to keep me from screaming in pain.  I would also have excruciatingly painful spinal taps that nurses would have to pin me down for.  Brain surgery, blood work, C.A.T. scans – it all seems like such a blur now. 


It’s strange to think that just 10 weeks ago I was crying myself to sleep every night and calling out for my mother in the wee hours of the night.  But it really was just 10 weeks ago….


I had first heard of Dr. Murray Galbraith through a family friend.  The friend claimed that this man could make an incredible difference in your life with some adjustments of the neck, a simple change in diet, and a few supplements.  I remember thinking to myself, “If doctors with extremely powerful medications and millions of dollars-worth of equipment couldn’t help me, then how on earth could this Dr. Murray?!”  Then again, I had nothing to lose.


So loaded on painkillers, I walked into Dr. Murray’s office.  I had no idea then that I was standing face to face with the man that would change my life forever.


What Dr. Murray did for me was nothing short of AMAZING!  It was almost like magic.  I am fully recovered.  In 10 weeks I went from not being able to get out of bed in the morning, to going back to school full time, horseback riding, lots of activities, and loving life again.    


When credited for his work, Dr. Murray humbly smiles and claims that all he did was put the bones back in place.  But I know better.  To me, Dr. Murray and everyone at Galbraith Chiropractic Associates are angels.  Though they may or may not realize it, they saved my life, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Kristyn L.


Multiple Sclerosis

My name is Steve.  I’m a 53 year old male who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and also has several herniated discs in my lower spine.


My mom had been trying to get me to see the Dr. Murray for approximately 6 months, thinking that he could help my MS symptoms.  I told her I didn’t see how chiropractic care could help me when most of my medications and weekly injections had failed.  To satisfy my mom, I made an appointment with him.  After the first adjustment, even though my back didn’t feel any better or the mobility in my legs didn’t improve, I seemed to have more energy.


Now, after 10 adjustments, my back is better and I have more mobility in my legs.  One night I had some friends over to shoot pool in my basement.  I was on my feet for about 6 hours, off and on.  I thought when I got into bed that night that I wouldn’t be able to move in the morning, (which is usually the case).  To my surprise, not only did I get right out of bed I the morning, but the mobility in my legs was such that I was walking almost normally!  I never thought that chiropractic case would have helped with my MS symptoms. 


I am now looking forward to more benefits and improvements in the future.


Prior to coming to Dr. Murray I had just experienced a relapse of my MS which progressively got worse and worse.  When I came in to see him in December of 2013, I was only able to get into the office with the help of my wife and a walker.  There was not much I could do on my own.  Shortly after, I was completely bedridden.  When Dr. Murray learned of my decline, he came to my house 4-5 times a week for 3 months to adjust me there.  Slowly but surely I got back on my feet and experienced better health.

Before going to a chiropractor I didn’t believe in them, but the truth is, I really didn’t know anything about them.  What I know now I wish I had known years ago.  Prior to learning about chiropractic care I did the normal MS protocol of shots and oral medication, but the medication gave me all kinds of side effects and didn’t keep me from relapsing.  When I became bedridden I decided to stop taking everything so I could figure out if the chiropractic care I was receiving was really going to work for me.  Shortly after making that decision my wife wanted to call 911 and have an ambulance come get me because I was in so much pain, but I wouldn’t let her.  I knew that if I went to the hospital they would just pump me full of pain medications, and though that would help me feel better in the moment, ultimately I knew it would just be masking what was wrong with me.  I knew I just had to ride it out and give my body a chance to heal naturally.


7 or 8 weeks after becoming bedridden I was finally able to sit up again.  When I first got out of bed I could only stand for 5 seconds with the help of a walker - but I kept progressing.  Finally I was able to come into Dr. Murray’s office again with a walker, and after that I upgraded to a cane.  Eventually I was able to walk in on my own and later that summer I was able to coach my son’s flag-football team.  


I would definitely tell people that chiropractic care is worth doing.  I wish I had started it years ago because maybe I wouldn’t be in the place I am now.  Maybe it would have prevented a lot of the things that have happened to me.  Thanks to Dr. Murray I am still off all prescription medication and am continuing to progress in my healing.

Jeff S.

Multiple Sclerosis


My 11 year old son and I have been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Murray for about a year now.  I have seen a chiropractor intermittently over the years for mild scoliosis but when my back pain became progressively worse working as a registered nurse, I knew I needed to make a stronger commitment to my health.  I also begun to notice a visible change in the curvature of my son's spine which concerned me and prompted me to bring him to Dr. Murray as well.  Over the time that my son and I have been seeing Dr. Murray regularly for chiropractic care my back pain has greatly diminished (even with the extra pregnancy weight that I am currently carrying around), and my son's back is much less bowed.


It is clearly evident to me now how chiropractic care contributes to one's overall health and well being and why it is important to not wait for symptoms to develop before deciding to take proper care of yourself. 

Lisa O



I’m 71 years old and I have always been a health fanatic.  I’ve taken good care of myself for years and I’ve been to many chiropractors.  Recently I was caught in a dizzy spell which landed me in the hospital on 3 different occasions.  I was diagnosed with Maniere’s Disease which is a disorder of the inner ear that causes spontaneous episodes of vertigo.  Doctors told me that there was no cure.  I didn’t accept that information.  I wanted my health back.


I was afraid to go outside.  I was afraid to drive.  I couldn’t do all the things that I used to love to do.  I kept searching online to find some kind of answer that would give me my life back.  Every doctor I saw wanted to put me on several medications – which I wanted no part of.  Any time I inquired about chiropractic treatments, doctors told me that chiropractic care would never help my symptoms.  However, my own research led me learn of Blair upper cervical treatments and I was so excited to find that Dr. Murray, a Blair Chiropractor, was only 7 minutes from my home.  I had to give it a try!




I couldn’t believe it!  I was ecstatic!  Dr. Murray has literally saved my life.  I have had no more dizzy spells!!  I no longer worry about whether or not I’m going to find myself in an ambulance going to the hospital.  I can dance again.  I’m driving.  I can go out to dinner and withstand the noise of a restaurant.  I’m gardening for 6-7 hours at a time.  I’m not on ANY medications.  I’m a happy, healthy camper!!


I’ve been to many different chiropractors in the past but none of them used the Blair technique and that has made all the difference for me.  I can’t say enough about Dr. Murray, the Blair technique, and the entire staff at Galbraith Chiropractic Associates!

Karen H


Women's Health

When I came to Dr. Murray for Chiropractic care in December, I had a history of severe menstrual pain.  For 5 years I experienced such unbearable cramping that I couldn’t get out of bed without the use of Midol or some other menstrual drug.  There was similar discomfort each month at the time of ovulation.


Along with the enormous emotional stress in me, my family was subject to the same emotional strain.  The children never knew what to expect during my mood swings.


On December 8th I received my first Blair chiropractic adjustment from Dr. Murray.  After only 6 visits I began my menstrual cycle on Christmas Day.  Much to my surprise and joy, I had NO PAIN!


Not only have I been relieved of pain, my cravings for sugar and salt have disappeared as well.  Most amazingly of all, I don’t even experience symptoms that my menstrual cycle is about to begin.  The horrible anticipation of unbearable pain each month has been alleviated.


The wonders of chiropractic care cannot be over-emphasized.


Thank you, Dr. Murray, for helping my body to return to normal function and me to return to a normal life.

Kirstin B.

Women's Health
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